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Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall

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Color – Blue
Product Details
  • Enhanced spill-proof design: With its enhanced spill-proof design, the dog toilet boasts strategically raised fences on three sides, providing optimum protection against unwanted spills or leaks, ensuring a clean and mess-free environment.
  • Convenient drawer design: The convenience of the drawer design allows for effortless urine storage within the dog toilet, streamlining the cleaning process and making it a breeze for pet owners to maintain a hygienic space.
  • User-friendly grid design: the grid incorporated into the dog toilet ensures hassle-free removal, allowing dogs to comfortably relieve themselves while granting owners easy access for quick and efficient cleaning.
  • Easy dismantling design: the dog toilet can be effortlessly disassembled, simplifying the cleaning and maintenance routine for pet owners, promoting a sanitary and odor-free space for their furry companions. 
  • Durable resin material: reinforced for added strength and longevity, the dog toilet stands the test of time, guaranteeing durability and reliability to accommodate the needs of both pets and their owners for an extended period.


Product Features

•Drawer Design
•Durable Material
•Convenient disassembly
•User-friendly grid design

Product Measurements

44cm x 54.5cm x 22cm




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Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall
Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall
Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall
Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall
Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall
Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall
Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall
Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall
Puppy Toilet Training Tray With Wall

Why you will Love it?

  • Enhanced cleanliness and hygiene

  • Easy maintenance

  • Comfortable for your furry friend

  • Smell control

  • Hassle-free cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dog toilet easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, the dog toilet is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its convenient drawer design allows for effortless urine storage and cleaning. Additionally, the dismantling design enables easy disassembly, making it simple to clean all the components.

Is the dog toilet suitable for dogs of all sizes?

No, the dog toilet is specifically designed for small dogs. Its dimensions of 44cm x 54.5cm x 22cm make it suitable for small breeds or puppies. It may not provide enough space or comfort for larger dogs. It's important to consider the size and needs of your dog when choosing the appropriate dog toilet.

How effective is the odor control feature of the dog toilet?

The dog toilet is equipped with enhanced spill-proof design and raised fences on three sides to contain any spills or leaks. This helps minimize odors and keeps your indoor space fresh. Additionally, the resin material used in the dog toilet helps prevent odors from lingering.

Will the dog toilet fit well in my indoor space, considering its size and design?

The dog toilet is designed to be compact and space-saving, making it suitable for various indoor spaces. Its size and design are carefully considered to ensure it fits well in apartments, houses, or any designated area for your dog's needs.

Can the dog toilet be easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning purposes?

Absolutely! The dog toilet is designed with user convenience in mind. It can be easily assembled without any complicated steps. When it comes to cleaning, the dismantling design allows for quick disassembly, making it effortless to clean and maintain.

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