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Choose high-quality, eco-friendly products for your PAW friends! Not only will they appreciate it, but it's also better for the environment that we all call home!

Eco-friendly Puppy Pads

We know how tough training your puppy is. Our puppy pads are specially made to let your paw friends feel more comfortable as if they are doing their business on the grass.

Wipes for Dogs

Our wet wipes remove germs and dirt that are picked up from your paw friends’ coats when they are outside. These wipes are a perfect solution for quick and easy cleanups in between baths.

Composable & Biodegradable Waste Bags

You don't want to see your paw friends waste out in the open. Forget that dreaded feeling when walking with your paw friends with our stronger and scented composable or biodegradable waste bags!

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Why choose Asahi Paws?

    Pro For Safety & Quality

    Our products are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure their effectiveness before they leave us. We use plant-based extracts that are harmless to pets as much as possible to minimise any harm to them and provide the best using experience to your beloved paw friends.

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    All our products are made of environmental-friendly materials, specifically fully degradable materials for waste bags. Our product package is also recyclable so you can care for your four-legged friends and the Earth at the same time! Protect our planet from now on!

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    We understand that you love your pet, and would spend the world just to give them the best life. We choose to cooperate with manufacturers with the best production equipment and technology to ensure production efficiency and make our price more competitive.

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Over 1000+ Customers and their Paw Friends are satisfied with our products

We care deeply for our paw friends and only want to give them the best. By creating products that are environmentally friendly and knowing what your furry friends love, it’s no wonder why people are choosing Asahi Paws for their pets.

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