What Asahi Paws stand for

Fetching sustainable materials that benefit your Paw Friends, You, and the Environment.

Our Story

Our journey started back in 2021 when Asahi first joined our family

Hello World !
My name is Asahi, a beautiful Shiba Inu born on the 7th of May 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Papa gave me that special name Asahi, meaning "Morning Sun" in Japanese.

My journey to Melbourne, Australia was long and stressful. After the flight, I had to go through an extra 10 days of quarantine, which was very scary for me. When I finally arrived at my new home with Papa, I was anxious and shy. It was difficult for me to even go to the toilet.

Papa took me to the vet to figure out what was wrong. The vet said that the long flight and quarantine must have been overwhelming for me, and gave Papa some medicine and a relaxing spray to help me feel more comfortable. While I was less anxious around new people and places, I still couldn't be toilet trained.

Papa tried everything to help me feel comfortable when going to the toilet, but nothing worked. He even turned to his best friend Uncle Henry, who had over two decades of experience making pet supplies, for help. Uncle Henry came up with a clever solution and designed special puppy pads with built-in attractants to help relax pups like me.

Finally, with these special puppy pads, I was able to be indoor toilet trained and became my fun and playful self again. Uncle Henry was determined to make the puppy pads even better and added charcoal pads to help with odour control. He also started making special wet wipes and waste bags to help Papa take the best care of me.

Papa and Uncle Henry were so happy with how well these special products worked that they decided to share them with other pet owners. With my high five and Woof of approval, a new member of the family was born, Asahi Paws.

Our Vision

Producing premium products for your Paw Friends, giving them the Best Life they deserve.

We are determined to produce sustainable products for our paw friends to give them a better quality of life while providing convenience for their pawrents.

Our Mission

Provide better products for our Paw Friends in Australia and allow Pawrents to have a more convenient life.

Our Factory

Production Management and Delivery Process
At Asahi Paws, we make sure that quality control is conducted to ensure your paw friends are 100% satisfied with our products!
Make the switch to a Sustainable Life
Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world across Australia. Changing to sustainable pet products will reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, resulting in a healthy environment for all of us to live in.
Give your Paw Friends the Best of the Best Products
Dog owners spent over $20.5 billion for their paw friends in 2020, indicating that pawrents care deeply for their paw friends, so make the switch to sustainable pet products and help your pets as well as the environment.
Quality Control is conducted to get that Woof of approval
The most common reasons pets are taken to the vet are for vaccinations, general check-ups, and hygiene advice. For this, Asahi Paws strives to conduct quality control and testing to provide products to help your paw friends live their best life.