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Sardine Meal Topper (Single Protein)

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Product Details
  • Pure Australian Sardine Goodness: Asahi Paws' Sardine Meal Topper prides itself on using only 100% Milled Australian Sardine, ensuring a high-quality and pure source of nutrition for your cat.
  • Promotes Dietary Diversity: Adding this meal topper to your cat's meals helps diversify its diet, encouraging a broader range of nutrients and flavors. This promotes a healthier, happier cat with every bite.
  • High Protein Content: With an impressive 62.3% crude protein, this meal topper supports your cat's overall health, providing the essential building blocks for muscle maintenance and development.
  • Balanced Nutrition Profile: The carefully balanced formulation includes 12.5% crude fat and 1.8% crude fibre, contributing to a well-rounded diet that supports your cat's energy needs and digestive health.
  • Australian Sourcing: Sourced from the pristine waters of Australia, the sardine meal topper ensure a premium quality treat. The origin adds an extra layer of trust, knowing that your cat is enjoying the best from a trusted source.
Product Features

• Crude Protein: 62.3%;
• Crude Fat: 12.5%;
• Crude Fibre: 1.8%;
• Metabolizable Energy (ME): 368 kcal/100g


100% Milled Australian Sardine.


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Sardine Meal Topper (Single Protein)
Sardine Meal Topper (Single Protein)
Sardine Meal Topper (Single Protein)
Sardine Meal Topper (Single Protein)

Why you will Love it?

  • Irresistible Sardine Flavor

  • High Protein Content for Feline Vitality

  • Crunchy Texture for Dental Health

  • Versatile Topping for Mealtime Excitement

  • Promotes Dietary Variety and Adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main ingredient in Asahi Paws' Sardine Meal Topper?

The primary ingredient in our Sardine Meal Topper is 100% Milled Australian Sardine, ensuring a pure and high-quality source of nutrition for your cat.

How does the protein content contribute to my cat's health?

With a remarkable 62.3% crude protein, our meal topper supports your cat's muscle maintenance and development, promoting overall health and vitality.

Can I mix the Sardine Meal Topper with my cat's regular food?

Absolutely! The meal topper is designed to be versatile. You can sprinkle it onto your cat's regular food to enhance flavor and nutritional diversity, providing a satisfying meal experience.

Is it suitable for standalone feeding, or should it be mixed with other foods?

You have the flexibility to choose! The Sardine Meal Topper can be enjoyed on its own as a delightful treat or mixed with either dry or wet food, allowing you to tailor your cat's dining experience.

How does this product contribute to my cat's dietary diversity?

Adding the Sardine Meal Topper to your cat's meals introduces variety in flavors and nutrients, promoting dietary diversity. This ensures your cat receives a well-rounded and satisfying diet with every serving.

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