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Foldable Enclosed Cat Litter Box

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Color – Green
Product Details
  • Sturdy and Secure PP Material: This large-sized, foldable, fully enclosed cat litter box is crafted with high-quality PP material, ensuring robustness and durability. It provides a safe and reliable environment for your feline companion.
  • Recessed Pull-out Drawer: The innovative design incorporates a recessed pull-out drawer, allowing for effortless cleaning of the litter box. Simply slide out the drawer, dispose of the used litter, and easily clean it before refilling with fresh litter.
  • Anti-Slip Foot Pads: Equipped with anti-slip foot pads, this litter box offers enhanced stability. The foot pads prevent any unwanted movement, ensuring the box remains securely in place and protecting your floors from damage.
  • Spacious Design: With its generously sized construction, this litter box provides ample space for your cat to comfortably use for their needs. The spacious interior not only enhances your cat's comfort but also reduces the likelihood of litter being scattered outside the box.
  • Dustproof and Odor Control: We have incorporated a dustproof and odor-sealing design into the litter box. The lid and sealing mechanism effectively contain any unpleasant odors and minimize the release of dust, keeping your home fresh and clean.
Product Features

• Solid and safe pp material
• Recessed pull-out drawer
• Non-slip foot mat
• Super large space
• Dust and odor proof
• Litter proof

Product Measurements

• External size : 49.5 x 37.5 x 36.5cm
• Size after folding : 49.5 x 37.5 x 19cm
• Internal dimensions : 32 x 43.5 x 33.5cm
• Drawer height : 8.8cm
• Transparent door size : 20 x 17.5cm




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Foldable Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Foldable Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Foldable Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Foldable Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Foldable Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Why you will Love it?

  • Foldable Design

  • Dual-Door Design

  • Foldable Cat Litter Box

  • Front Drawer

  • High-Quality PP Material

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of cats is this product suitable for?

This product is suitable for cats weighing up to 22 pounds. The spacious interior allows even larger cats to move around comfortably.

How much space does it occupy, and is it foldable?

The dimensions of the cat litter box are 37.5cm in length, 49.5cm in width, and 36.5cm in height. It is fully foldable, allowing for easy storage without taking up much space.

How do I install this product?

To install the product, first, open the top cover and remove the main body. Unfold the two side panels, then unfold the front and back panels, aligning them with the slots and securely fastening them. Finally, align the top slots with the main body's fasteners and press down to secure the top and body together. The installation is now complete.

Does the litter box control dust and odor?

Certainly! The litter box is designed to be dustproof and features odor-sealing mechanisms for a fresh and clean environment.

Can it be moved or used outdoors?

Yes, this product can be folded and easily carried around without taking up much space. It is convenient for travel purposes or outdoor usage.

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