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Puppy Pads

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Looking for options to puppy train your paw friends? Then look no further at Asahi Paws Regular Puppy Training:
  • Charcoal Potty Training Pads are essential for you to train your paw friends better since it can get hectic sometimes. 
  • To entice your paw friends to approach and use the pad, Asahi Paws Charcoal Potty Training Pads have built-in attractants.
  • To give you an odour-free home, our charcoal puppy pads are also designed to effectively control odours by absorbing your paw friends' urine, neutralising them faster than regular pads.
  • With 6 layers of charcoal and a super-absorbent polymer combination, it gives you unbeatable leakage protection, making potty training for your paw friend an effortless task.

If you have senior paws? Asahi Paws charcoal puppy pads are perfect for you as well! Their multi-purpose function suits pups in any life stage! 

Your paw friends deserve easy potty training and comfort!

You deserve an odour-free home and pads that bring perfect leak protection too! 


Product Features

• Multi-purpose pads
• 6 layers of protection
• 4 adhesive sticky tape
• Built-in attractant
• Odour control
• Super absorbent polymer
• Human-grade


We have taken extra care in designing our Charcoal puppy pads to ensure the comfort of your paw friends. The pads are crafted with Super Absorbent Polymer, a material that can absorb up to 5 cups of liquid or 1,250ML, providing excellent leakage protection. The pads are designed to mimic the feeling of using natural grass, ensuring your paw friend feels at ease while doing their business.


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Puppy Pads - Charcoal
Puppy Pads - Charcoal
Puppy Pads - Charcoal
Puppy Pads - Charcoal
Puppy Pads - Charcoal
Puppy Pads - Charcoal
Puppy Pads - Charcoal
Puppy Pads - Charcoal

Why you will Love it?

  • 1. Super Absorbent Polymer

  • 2. 6 Layers of Protection

  • 3. Adhesive Sticky Tape

  • 4. Built-in Attractant

  • 5. Multi-purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these work for male dogs that lift legs?

Yes, it can be used. It is generally recommended to place it in a corner position and partially glue it to the wall to prevent spatter.

Do these have a strong odor?

No, it doesen't. Puppy pads are disposable products that usually need to be changed every day. The polymer in the pad holds water better and can control some of the odors. Our charcoal puppy pads also have an anti-odor function.

Are these pads scented at all?

No, our puppy pads do not have any scent.

What’s the difference between charcoal and regular version?

There is not much difference between the two puppy pads in terms of performance, but the charcoal version has better odor protection.

Of course. Our pads are harmless to pets. It's absolutely alright if the cat is willing to use the pads.

Can my cat use your pee pads?

It’s Easy Being Greener

Making the switch to sustainable products for your pets is an impactful way to help the environment! Buying eco-friendly supplies means your furry friend will still have the same amount of fun without consuming harmful toxins. Sustainable pet products leave out dangerous chemicals and help the environment at the same time, it’s a win-win for your paw friends and the earth!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mummy to princess cat
Cats friendly pee pads!!

I have tried a couple of other brands and this is one of 2 brands that I found to be cat friendly - safe for my cat. Some pee pads have chemicals like "attractant" (for dogs) or "synthetic (dog) pheromones" that might cause toxic reactions for some cats. Sadly, my cat went through 2 other brands that caused her so much grieve. We removed them and she's recovering well. But this brand, no issue! Simple, clean and fresh with its activated charcoal.

Dear Mummy to princess cat,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We truly appreciate your kind words and are delighted to hear that our pet products have been cat-friendly and safe for your furry friend. It's our top priority to provide pet owners with high-quality, chemical-free options that promote their pets' well-being. We're thrilled to have been a positive part of your cat's life, and we look forward to continuing to serve you and your beloved pet. Thank you for choosing Asahi Paws!

Great product

Absorbs well and contains smell. Quick delivery.

Natascha Dowsett
These are the best pee mats in history!!!

I have tried thousands of pee mats; these ones never leak, can take up to 3 pees, and last overnight.! I will always be buying these mats!

Thank you for your glowing review of our Charcoal Puppy Training Pads! We're delighted to hear that they've exceeded your expectations. Our pads are designed with 6 layers of charcoal and a super-absorbent polymer for unbeatable leakage protection, built-in attractants, and effective odor control. We appreciate your trust and loyalty, and if you have any questions or need assistance in the future, please feel free to reach out. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Do the job

Not really big enough, but do the job and don’t leak

Thank you for your feedback on our Asahi Paws Regular Puppy Training Charcoal Potty Training Pads. We're delighted to hear that they do the job and don't leak. Your satisfaction is our priority. For larger dogs, we also offer Extra Large Charcoal Potty Training Pads, which provide the same unbeatable leakage protection and odor control. We appreciate your support and hope to continue serving you and your furry friend's needs.

Amazing product really works!

OMG Thanks god! I finally find the perfect training pads for my little cuteness! I bought the charcoal pads that can manage the odor control really well, keep my home fresh and clean. And amazingly, for just a few days use, the built-in attractants works very well for my puppy's toilet training, encouraging him to be engaged and pee comfortably! Thank you so much for the amazing stuffs!!!

Dear Eva,
We're thrilled to hear about your positive experience with our Asahi Paws Charcoal Potty Training Pads! It warms our hearts to know that they've made your puppy's toilet training a breeze while keeping your home fresh and clean. Your feedback inspires us to continue providing top-quality products for you and your furry friend. Thank you for choosing Asahi Paws, and we look forward to serving you and your little cuteness in the future!