How do Puppy Pads Work? - Exploring the Effective Absorbency

How do Puppy Pads Work? - Exploring the Effective Absorbency

As a new pet owner, using puppy pads probably came into your mind because they can help your pup learn to go potty inside, and they come in a variety of sizes and materials.

But do puppy pads really work? In this guide, we’ll discuss the absorbency of puppy pads, give tips on choosing the right ones for your pup, and look at alternative uses for these handy products.

What Are Puppy Pads?

Puppy pad

Puppy pads, also known as potty or training pads, are absorbent pads usually made from polyester and rayon fibres, providing a quick, clean and easy solution for potty training your pup.

These pads are designed to hold urine, offering a safe and fast way to help train your pup to go potty indoors. Puppy pads also often feature a scent that is attractive to pups, helping them identify where they should go. They are typically placed on the floor inside a dog's living area, such as a crate or a designated potty area.

When the puppy uses the pad, the liquid is absorbed into the pad, keeping the living area clean and dry. The pads are designed to be replaced when soiled, so you can always have a fresh and clean area for your puppy to use. Some puppy pads also contain attractants, such as scents or pheromones, to encourage the puppy to use the pad.

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What are the Purposes of Puppy Pads?

 The primary purpose of puppy pads is to help potty train a pup by providing an absorbent surface that can quickly soak up any accidents. Puppy pads are also useful as an alternative to traditional outdoor elimination methods, as they provide a clean, convenient option. By doing so, they reduce the mess and hassle of dealing with outdoor waste.

In addition, puppy pads can be used with other potty-training methods, such as crate training and verbal cues.

Another purpose of puppy pads is to provide convenience for owners living in apartments or with limited access to outdoor spaces to potty train pups to relieve themselves. They can also be helpful for dogs who are elderly or have medical conditions that make it difficult for them to go outside.

How do They Function?

Puppy pads consist of a top layer made of a soft, absorbent material that quickly soaks up liquid and other waste. This top layer is typically covered by a waterproof liner that helps keep the puppy pad from getting wet and soggy. Beneath this layer is usually an absorbent core comprised of recycled materials or several layers of tissue paper. Finally, some puppy pads are coated with an odour-neutralising agent, while others come with an adhesive backing to help keep them securely in place on your pup’s bedding or crate.

Puppy pads are typically made from a soft material like cotton or cellulose, which allows for quick absorption of urine and feces. The absorbent surface can usually contain up to five times its weight in liquids, which can effectively soak up any messes your pup may make. In addition, this material is usually coated with an odour-resistant layer that helps prevent the area from smelling, even when dealing with larger accidents.

Besides that, most puppy pads feature a built-in attractant that encourages puppies to quickly use the pad, making it much easier to train them to do their business on the pad instead of in other areas of your home.

However, have you heard of Charcoal puppy pads?

Asahi Paws designed our pads with a combination of six layers of charcoal and super-absorbent polymer, the pads provide unbeatable leakage protection, making potty training for your paw friend an effortless task.

Key features of Charcoal puppy pads include:

  • Multi-purpose pads for different functions
  • 6 layers to upgrade leakage protection
  • 4 sticky-adhesive tapes for stability
  • Built-in attractant for better potty training
  • Odour control for a fresh home
  • Super absorbent polymer
  • Human-grade

How to Choose Puppy Pads?

When choosing puppy pads, there are several factors to consider:

  • Size: Make sure the pads are large enough for your puppy to use comfortably, but not so big that they become too expensive or wasteful. Consider the size of your puppy and the area where you plan to use the pads.
  • Absorbency: The primary purpose of puppy pads is to absorb urine, so choose pads with a high level of absorbency to prevent leaks and minimise messes.
  • Material: Look for pads made of a soft, non-irritating material that will be comfortable for your puppy to use. Some pads may contain fragrances or chemicals, so if your puppy has sensitive skin, choose unscented or natural pads.
  • Leak-proof backing: Choose pads with leak-proof backing to prevent urine from spreading onto the floor and to keep your home clean and dry.
  • Odour control: Puppy pads can emit unpleasant odours, so look for pads with odour control technology or natural ingredients to neutralise smells.
  • Convenience: Choose pads that are easy to use, dispose of, and store, and consider the overall convenience of the product for your lifestyle.
  • Cost: Consider the cost of the pads and choose a brand that offers good value for the money, considering the size, absorbency, and number of pads included in each package. Pick one brand that fits within your budget and fulfils all the requirements mentioned above.

Shiba and puppy pads

By considering these factors, you can choose puppy pads that will effectively meet your puppy's needs and make potty training as easy and stress-free as possible. And Asahi Paws can meet your requirements:

  • Multi-purpose pads
  • 5 layers of protection
  • 4 sticky-adhesive tapes
  • Built-in attractant
  • Odour control
  • Super absorbent polymer
  • Human grade

Alternative Uses of Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are designed primarily for potty training puppies and providing a convenient bathroom solution for dogs, but they can also be used for several other purposes, including:

  • Protecting furniture and floors: Puppy pads can be placed under a dog's bed or on furniture to protect against accidents and spills.
  • Travelling with pets: Puppy pads can be used in the car or in hotel rooms to provide a bathroom solution for dogs on the go.
  • Incontinence: Puppy pads can be used for older dogs or dogs with incontinence issues to help keep their living space clean and dry.
  • Sick or injured dogs: Puppy pads can be used for dogs who are unable to go outside due to illness or injury to provide a convenient bathroom solution.
  • Lining kennels or crates: Puppy pads can be used to line the bottom of kennels or crates to make cleaning up after pets easier and more hygienic.
  • Providing insulation: Puppy pads can be used to provide insulation and cushioning for pet beds or for use in outdoor pet homes.
  • Cleaning and grooming: Puppy pads can be used as a drop cloth during grooming or cleaning to protect floors and furniture from spills and splashes.

While puppy pads are primarily designed for potty training, their versatility makes them a valuable and versatile tool for pet owners to have on hand. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have some multi-purpose pads to give you ease.


We know your frustration as a new pet owner because you would want to potty train your pups at ease; understanding puppy pads is necessary.

Today, we covered that using puppy pads is a solution to provide quick, clean and accessible training sessions for your pups; why you may have puppy pads at home; how puppy pads work; what you need to look at while purchasing them:

  • Focus on larger sizes
  • Pay attention to extra absorbency
  • Spot on odour control and leak-proofing
  • Always keep the budget in mind

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Asahi Paws’ puppy pads not only meet those requirements but also can give you extra uses:

  • Our puppy pads are all for multi-use; they’re also Human-grade.
  • Our Charcoal puppy pads provide 6 layers of leakage protection.
  • Crafted with Super Absorbent Polymer, a material that can absorb up to 5 cups of liquid or 1,250ML, our puppy pads can provide excellent leakage protection.
  • We use 4 sticky-adhesive tapes for stability so that your playful pups won’t mess up the spotty area.

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