Compostable Dog Poop Bags: 5 Things You Need to Know

Compostable Dog Poop Bags: 5 Things You Need to Know

As pet owners, we’d love to make our paw friends comfortable at home or outside of home, this includes walking them while cleaning up their waste.

However, most people are still using plastic dog poop bags considering they are convenient and it hurts our mother nature a lot.

Therefore, it’s time to switch to compostable dog poop bags for a better environment now. This article will talk to you about 5 things you need to know about compostable dog poop bags.

Why is Plastic Dog Poop Bags Harmful?

Thanks to the invention of plastic bags, now plastic dog poop bags have become a ubiquitous sight around the world. They’ve become the go-choice for pet owners because they are convenient, inexpensive, and available everywhere. However, the use of plastic dog poop bags has come under scrutiny in recent years due to their negative environmental impact.

A sea owl holding a plastic bag

One of the main issues with plastic dog poop bags is that they are hard to discard, and sometimes may take even 450 years to break down. This means that they accumulate in landfills, parks, and other natural areas, where they can harm wildlife and damage ecosystems.

On top of that, plastic dog poo bags also worsen the global plastic pollution crisis. And plastic waste is already a major environmental issue, with millions of tons of plastic ending up in the oceans each year, which can harm marine life and in turn, damage the entire ecosystem.

Therefore, using plastic dog poop bags does bring some problems.

Although the use of plastic dog poop bags is a matter of convenience versus environmental impact, while plastic bags are certainly convenient, they have significant negative consequences for the environment. As a responsible pet owner, switching to more environmentally friendly options is something you could do to save the planet.

Simple Way to Save the Planet: Compostable Dog Waste Bags

Composting is a great way to reduce waste and contribute to a healthier planet, and using compostable dog waste bags is one way you can do your part. Here are some simple ways to make sure you're using compostable dog waste bags properly:

Choose the right bags: Look for bags that are certified compostable and made from certain materials, such as corn starch or plant-based plastics. Avoid bags that are labelled as "degradable" or "biodegradable" but not "compostable," as these materials may not break down completely and can still harm the environment.

See the differences between “biodegradable” and “compostable”.

By using compostable dog waste bags and properly disposing of them, you can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills and contribute to a healthier planet.

What Does “Compostable” Mean?

"Compostable" refers to a material or product that is capable of being broken down into organic matter in a composting process. In terms of dog poop bags, compostable ones can be broken down in soil way easier than biodegradable or plastic dog poop bags.

According to EPA, composting is a controlled, aerobic (oxygen-required) process that converts organic materials into a nutrient-rich soil amendment or mulch through natural decomposition.

To be considered compostable, a material or product must meet certain standards set by certification organizations such as the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) or the Composting Council.

Are Compostable Dog Poop Bags Safe?

The short answer is, compostable dog poop bags are generally safe for the environment, but it is important to use them properly and dispose of them in the appropriate way.

To ensure compostable dog poop bags are disposed of properly, you go to a municipal or commercial composting facility that can handle pet waste to compost your paw friend’s waste because these facilities use specialized equipment and processes to break down pet waste safely and effectively.

Additionally, it is important to choose compostable dog poop bags from a trusted brand that has been independently tested and verified by third-party organizations, such as the Biodegradable Products Institute or the Compost Manufacturing Alliance that we mentioned earlier.

Are Compostable Dog Bags Large Enough?

Same as regular dog poop bags, you can also choose different sizes for compostable dog bags, including options that are large enough to accommodate even the largest dogs. Some compostable dog bags are even larger than traditional plastic bags, making them a convenient option for pet owners who need to clean up after large dogs or multiple pets.

As we mentioned earlier, compostable dog poop bags are often more eco-friendly than regular dog bags so they may be thicker or larger than necessary. By choosing compostable bags that are appropriately sized for your pet's needs, you can help reduce waste and minimize your environmental impact.

Is It Convenient to Carry Compostable Dog Waste Bags on a Long Walk?

Of course. It’s actually quite convenient and easy to carry your compostable dog waste bags on a long walk with your paw friends. Meanwhile, a lot of compostable dog poop bags are designed with an easy-to-use design, making them a convenient option for you that want to be eco-friendly while also enjoying the convenience of disposable bags.

You can carry a small roll or pack of compostable dog poop bags in a bag or pocket, or you can put some bags in a leash or belt loop for easy access as well. These features can make it easy to carry several bags at once, ensuring that you are prepared for any messes your dog might make on a long walk.

What makes Asahi Paws Compostable Dog Waste Disposal Bags so good?

Asahi Paw’s eco-friendly waste bags help keep the environment clean and make you a loved dog owner in your neighbourhood. Dog waste that is not picked up is not just a hazard for your shoes; it is also a cause of pollution when they have been swept away into storm drains.

Shiba Inu and Asahi Paws dog poop bags

Furthermore, our compostable dog poop bags are made using a bio corn starch blend, which is an alternative to plastic. When you dispose of our waste bags, they can break down naturally and be consumed by soil and other natural components. This natural process means no forced chemical reaction needs to take place and less pollution to occur. Thus, making a small switch to a renewable waste bag like ours will decrease your and your paw friends’ carbon footprint!

Our dog poop bags are a must-have when walking your dog. Available in a pack of 16 refill rolls, along with 240 waste bags, a free dispenser included for 240 bags. We have engineered our waste bags to become thicker, tougher, and leak-proof!

Features of Asahi Paws Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Asahi Paws Compostable Dog Poop Bags feature the following:

  • Bio Corn Starch Blend
  • Silky smooth touch
  • Recyclable package
  • Extra thick and strong
  • 100% leakproof
  • Easy-lift sticker
  • Easy tear and open
  • Roll size: 2.5’/6.4cm
  • Bag size: 8.5” x 13.5”/ 22cm x 34cm
  • Compatible with any standard dispenser


We hope after reading this article, you can start changing your perspectives on plastic dog bags because compostable dog poop bags can absolutely save the environment. They are safe, large enough and convenient to carry with you while going for a long walk with your paw friends.

As we also care about the planet as much as you do, Asahi Paws compostable dog poop bags are your solution to cleaning after your paw friends. Our compostable dog bags are smooth, extra thick and strong, and 100% leakproof.

We have all the major features you need. Join us to save the planet!