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Wet Wipes

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Keeping your paw friends clean has never been easier with these 100% plant-based wipes! Clean off paws, coats, behinds, and more with these wet wipes. Our gentle, plant-derived formula is non-toxic and won’t leave behind a sticky residue.

Have you noticed your paw friends constantly scratching their skin? Various reasons are causing their itches such as dust and fleas. But one thing is for sure, your paw friends’ has dry skin. We have added Light Cucumber Essential Oil to our fragrance free wet wipes to soothe itchy skin and promote sleek and glossy coats. Refresh, moisturise and deodorise your paw friends’ fur and skin with every wipe.

We have two convenient options available for you: a regular package with 80 wipes, and a travel package with 20 wipes for on-the-go convenience.

Product Features

• pH Balanced
• Essential oil (paws-friendly)
• Suitable for All Paws
• Human-Grade

Product Measurements

• 20 Wipes Pack: 16x21cm size
• 80 Wipes Pack: 20x23cm size
• 20 Wipes x 5pc Pack: 16x21cm size
• 80 Wipes x 3pc Pack: 20x23cm size


Our wet wipes are made from bamboo fibers, making them 100% compostable. Furthermore, we’ve made a strong wipe to handle anything your paw friends may get their dirty paws onto.


Lightly Scented Cucumber Wet Wipes: Distilled Water, Cucumber Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Benzoic Acid (plant-derived preservative), Potassium Sorbate (food-grade preservative), Citric Acid (pH balancer)


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Wet Wipes - Cucumber
Wet Wipes - Cucumber
Wet Wipes - Cucumber
Wet Wipes - Cucumber
Wet Wipes - Cucumber
Wet Wipes - Cucumber
Wet Wipes - Cucumber
Wet Wipes - Cucumber

Why you will Love it?

  • 1. Alcohol and Paraben free

  • 2. Larger, Thicker and Softer

  • 3. Greener Materials

  • 4. Natural Disinfectants

  • 5. Essential Oil & Shiny Coat

  • 6. 100% Compostable

  • 7. Suitable for all Paw Friends & Pawrents

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use dog wipes for?

Our wipes are all plant formulated, have a food grade preservative system, and stable pH. In addition to the general, it can be used for dogs to wipe hair and feet. It is also very suitable for cleaning a pet's nose and mouth.

What are the ingredients? Does it affect your dog's sense of smell?

The fragrance of our wet wipes is derived from plant essential oil, and the ratio of addition has been tested many times. It had no effect on the dog's sense of smell.

What are your dog wipes made of?

Our pet wet wipes are made of 100% bamboo fiber and are completely degradable with no impact on the environment.

Are your wipes flushable?

Unfortunately, our wet wipes are not flushable.

Are your wipes cruelty-free?

Absolutely! Our wet wipes adopt a food grade preservative system and a plant-derived formula to ensure that they are harmless to pets.

It’s Easy Being Greener

Making the switch to sustainable products for your pets is an impactful way to help the environment! Buying eco-friendly supplies means your furry friend will still have the same amount of fun without consuming harmful toxins. Sustainable pet products leave out dangerous chemicals and help the environment at the same time, it’s a win-win for your paw friends and the earth!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mike Reed
The scent of the wet wipes is really great.

I'm absolutely fascinated by the scent of these wet wipes, especially after using them to clean my dog. The subtle lavender aroma is lovely. Plus, the product is made of eco-friendly bamboo fiber. I'm really impressed and happy with it!

Great scented pet wipes

These wipes have a delightful cucumber fragrance and are not only wonderful to use, but also fully compostable, so I can use them without any environmental guilt. Plus, my dog seems to enjoy the texture of the wipes as well. We will definitely to continue to purchase the wipes. Will try other products as well, the packages are very attractive!

New wipes awesome - design, feel, smell great!

I received the wipes today and I must say, the design of the product is amazing. Green happens to be my favorite color and it feels great to the touch! The wipes not only look great, they feel and smell great too. My dogs absolutely love them! I will definitely continue to repurchase in the future."

Dear William,
Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're delighted to hear that you and your dogs are enjoying our 100% plant-based wipes. We truly appreciate your kind words and your preference for our eco-friendly pet products. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we look forward to serving you and your paw friends in the future.

Sabrina Li
Great product

Highly recommend! Wet wipes are thicker and softer than any other brands I purchased before. Waste bags are easy to tear off. It’s awesome that all their products are eco-friendly. Package is super cute too:)

Love the wipes

This is a wonderful product. I can use them on everything, even myself! I have saved so much since switching to these wet wipes!