Asahi Paws at Dog Lovers Festival: Pawrenting Redefined!

Asahi Paws at Dog Lovers Festival: Pawrenting Redefined!

Attention all dog lovers, mark your calendars for the upcoming Dog Lovers Festival happening on August 26th and 27th! A haven for all things canine, this event is an absolute must-attend, and guess what? Asahi Paws will be there to make your experience even more paw-some! Visit us at Booth #409 to explore how we're redefining pawrenting through our brand philosophy: Effortless Pawrenting with Sustainable Solutions!

Our Upcoming Products

Being a pet parent isn't just a role, it's an emotion. We understand the profound love you have for your fur-baby and the responsibility you feel. Asahi Paws aims to be your companion in this journey, helping you care for your furry friend with a touch of sustainability. Dive into the world of our soon-to-launch products:

Extra Large PUPPY PADS
  • Size Matters: Our Extra Large PUPPY PADS, with dimensions of 28 x 34 inches, are designed to offer more coverage, making them perfect for bigger breeds or multiple pups.
  • Charcoal Magic: Infused with charcoal, these pads neutralize odors, ensuring a fresher environment for your home.
  • Ultra Absorbent: No more leaks or seep-throughs. The ultra-absorbent layers ensure your floors stay pristine, even with the most playful pups.

Dry Grooming Gloves

  • Hands-On Care: Grooming doesn't have to be a challenge anymore. With our Dry Grooming Gloves, turn grooming sessions into bonding time.
  • All-in-One: Detangle, clean, and give a gentle massage simultaneously. Our gloves ensure your pet feels pampered and looks spotless.

Extra Large PUPPY PADS - Bonus Pack
  • Value for Money: For those who can't get enough of our Extra Large PUPPY PADS, this Bonus Pack ensures you never run out when you need them most.
  • Consistent Quality: Just like our regular size, these come with the power of charcoal for odor control and top-tier absorbency.


Products already on shelves

PUPPY PADS - Extra Thick & Ultra Absorbent

  • Compact Yet Powerful: At 23.6 x 23.6 inches, these pads might be smaller, but they pack a punch when it comes to absorbency.
  • Dual Defense: The extra thickness means double the protection against spills and accidents.

Thicker & Stronger WASTE BAGS

  • Eco-Warrior's Choice: It's not just about disposal; it's about responsible disposal. Our bags are designed to leave minimal impact on the environment.
  • No More Tears: The strength of these bags ensures no unexpected spills or breakages during those daily walks.
Discover More:

Compostable Wet Wipes

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Made from compostable materials, these wet wipes ensure you're not adding to the planet's waste problem.
  • Gentle Yet Effective: These wipes are not just eco-friendly, but they're also perfect for your pet's sensitive skin, offering a thorough cleanse.
At Asahi Paws, we're more than just products. We're a movement towards sustainable and effortless pawrenting. Join us in our mission and watch out for these amazing products launching soon!

Join Us at the Festival!

There's no better time to get to know us than at the Dog Lovers Festival. We will not only showcase our soon-to-be-released products but also offer special festival discounts and surprises for all you amazing pawrents out there.
So come on over to Booth #409 and join us in this journey towards effortless and sustainable pawrenting. We can't wait to meet you and your furry friends!
Date: August 26-27, 2023 Location: Booth #409 at Dog Lovers Festival
See you there! 🐾🐶